“Only a hero can move heaven and earth.”


Yuan Geng used this expression to describe his life’s work. His life unfolded over nearly a century, and he participated in artillery warfare, national security work, diplomacy, and the era of Reform and Opening. In each stage of his life, he made heroic efforts and contributions.


Born in a rural area, as he matured he shouldered more and more responsibility in pursuit of national liberation and prosperity.


He grew in life experience and wisdom by looking fearless into the face of history and meeting the challenges of life.


He ceaselessly moved forward, was fearless, brave, willing to take responsibility, and passionate.


Yuan Geng was one of the iconic figures of Reform and Opening, one of the representative revolutionaries of the twentieth century, and one of the outstanding leaders to emerge over the history of China Merchants.


Yuan Geng, a man for the ages!



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