The Story of Spring

Shekou is a name, but more importantly it is a symbol. Shekou is a place, but more importantly it is an historic era. Indeed, despite its small size, Shekou has great meaning.

A small territory, Shekou was in fact the flagship of an era.  A map of Chinas territory might not include Shekou, but any history of Reform and Opening cannot but mention her because that era and this place are forever linked.

In the late 1970s, Shekou was at the forefront of the the reforms that would change the fate of more than a billion people and open a new path for the China. The reforms that began here spread to the rest of the country. eventually transforming the nation.

In the Dao De Jing, Lao Zi says, When too much time has passed, we can no longer tell how things began.Much of what we take for granted today was, in the beginning, a thunderclap, the resonance of small scenes, minor events, and ordinary people who together made history. There are philosophers who have said that human progress depends on "all people exploring  in every direction.The exploration that Shekou undertook was limited in time and place and therefore is not much to boast of. Nevertheless, that spirit of exploration still inspires each successive generation.

China Merchants history made it possible to bring the spirit of exploration first to Shekou and then to China, making this quest even more significant.




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