Shekou Memorabilia


November 2016

In November 2016, the largest international cruise terminal in southern China--Taizi Bay Cruise Ship Terminal was built up in Shekou.

December 2015

In December 2015, Shekou Industrial Zone and China Merchants Group's real estate sector

completed the unprecedented restructuring, involving an asset scale of 210.9 billion yuan. The newly integrated China Merchants Shekou is positioned to be “China's comprehensive urban development and operation service provider.” 

December 2014

At the end of 2014, the Central government incorporated the Shekou Industrial Zone into the Guangdong Free Trade Area, ushering in new opportunities for historical development, and once again leading the way in China’s comprehensive deepening of Reform.

May 1988

Established by China Merchants, Ping An Insurance opened in Shekou on May 27, 1988, becoming the first commercial insurance institution established in China by a company.

August 1986

On August 11, 1986, Shekou Industrial Zone established China Merchants Bank. It was the first joint-stock commercial bank founded by an enterprise in China. Today, China Merchants Bank has become China’s leading retail bank.

April 1985

On April 24, 1985, the Party Committee and the CMC of Shekou Industrial Zone attempted to democratize leadership and “break the iron chair,” electing the members of the "Shekou Industrial Zone Management Committee" by anonymous ballot.

January 1984

On January 26, 1984, DENG Xiaoping visited Shekou and wrote the calligraphy for the characters “Sea World”on Minghua.


In 1983, the Shekou Industrial Zone took the lead in implementing the labor contract system for determining employment.

October 1983

In October 1983, Sanyo Electric (Shekou) Co., Ltd.—the first Japanese-owned company in Shekou set up.

June 1982

 In June 1982, China Merchants set up China Nanshan Development Co.Ltd which was the Chinas First Stock Corporation.

May 1980

Bitao Villas—Shekou’s earliest commercial housing area was completed in May 1980.

August 1981

In August 1981, the Shekou Industrial Zone recruit personal from key universities. 


In 1981, Shekou introduced the slogan “Time is Money, Efficiency is Life.” The effect of the slogan was described as, “the crack of Spring thunder breaking through the cage of thought.”


In 1980, China and Switzerland Mechanical Engineering Company of Shekou Industrial Zone held the country’s first public bidding.

January 1980

In January 1980, the Shekou Industrial Zone formally sought investment, inviting investors from all over the world.

October 1979

 In October 1979, during the construction of piers of Shekou port, the Shekou Industrial Zone was the first to implement an incentives system based on exceeding performance expectations.

September 1979

In September 1979, the first sino-foreign joint venture project--Zhonghong Oxygen Plant.

July 1979

In July 1979, Shekou detonated a mountain to begin reclaiming Shenzhen Bay, marking the formal groundbreaking for the construction of the Shekou Industrial Zone. This “first shot” signaled that China’s Reform and opening up had begun. 

January 1979

On January 31, 1979, China's first open industrial park, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone was officially established. 

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