About China Merchants Shekou

China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd (CMSK, Stock Code: 001979), a subsidiary company of China Merchants Group (a key state-owned enterprise directly managed by Central Government), is a flagship company involved in comprehensive urban development. We are also the only real estate assets integration and key business collaboration platform within the Group.

Founded in 1979, our predecessor, Shekou Industrial Zone Co., Ltd., established Shekou Industrial Zone in Shenzhen 39 years ago where Chinas reform first started. This area has contributed greatly during China's economic development. Many famous enterprises were founded here, such as China Merchants Bank, Ping An Insurance, China International Marine Containers, and China Merchants Property Development. On December 30, 2015, the Shekou Industrial Zone merged with China Merchants Property Development and went public after an unprecedented reorganization, creating a model for SOEs reforms and a benchmark for innovation in Chinas capital markets.


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